Introduction of office facilities

Each office room of Shanghai Multimedia park Business Center has the business infrastructure is available from the beginning, the office equipment such as the business desks and cabinets,telephone and internet line. Construction and carrying costs are free. Only one simple contract, You can get to work immediately.

Common features of each office

* Resident 24-hour security guard.
* Four surveillance camera system in the floor.
* Functional office ,36 rooms in the floor,from 1 to 8 peoples,4room types,
* Both rooms no partitions, also completely separated room.Private and defend.

* Utility charges(electricity, water), air conditioning costs, administrative expenses and government tax are all included in the rent fee.
* Each room setted office desk, the blind, the large cabinet.
(We will provide a number of people moving your office furniture.)
* the business infrastructure is available, such as internet line, telephone line.
(about phone, extention line is free, external line fee is charged.)
* Abilable Net Printing, You can send print data to MFP from your PC in your office.

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