Optional services (That can be accepted at an additional cost)

We can backup your business and business expansion.We must not outsourcing on our consulting. From Launch of the Representative Office in shanghai, handring registration and business license, to taxation,dairy support.We can provice cordial service in witch the customer can be relived.

Registration, acting came paperwork procedures (New-Elete Consulting)

About the office establishment, I will execute the company (office) as a proxy and execute various procedures because it can be shape as a proxy. It corresponds to making and the application agency of business license acquisition, a registration of trade mark, and various contracts including the recording processing by the one stop.

Registration of a place is 37th foor in our office building, Shanghai Multimedia Park in Changning District what is a Shanghai municipal government official. Our procedures do not handle any outsourcing, We can produce the most high reliability and coadial procedure.

Tax and accounting agency, agency recorded (New-Elete Consulting)

Open local bank accounts, legal, tax, labor, finance and accounting, consulting on various licensing, We will correspond in total.

Sending and receiving facsimile Service

We will receive the fax to the customer at the reception desk. The received fax will be delivered to the office of the customer. Moreover, it is possible to transfer it to the telephone number that the customer specified.

* Fax transmission fee is the actual expenses.

Transmition,and Document data input Service

We translate and input in data(use Micorosoft Word/Excel) the information about your customers in the business card or article etc.

Copy, Printout, and Documents Filing Service

Instead of your busy working, Our staff entrusted a copy of documents or printout work. And also filing double-sided output and stapling.

* Copied data is deleted from memory let me copy machine.

* We propose some plan for Company what main work is data output,as the Design firms and publishers etc. Please feel free to ask us your dayly jobs.

Scanning Srevice

We scan the document kept from the customer, and converts it into an arbitrary image format.

* The scanning data is deleted for security, after we gotted the confirmation from the customer.

OA equipment rental and Office supplies

Business meetings and conferences, you can rented OA equipment such as data projectors, voice recorders, digital cameras and other equipment what you need .The installation of data projectors is setted by our staff.

* OA equipment rental fee for each, please click here.

Planning and making the seles tools

We have experience the marketing in china. We offer total design of the sales tools to deploy chinese business,such as namecards, company profile, business envelopes, product brochures.

IT Support Service

From opening of your server,and get own domain, ICP application agent acquisition, planning and production of multi-lingual website, SEO measures, to update and manegement website, We provide you the total support of IT strategy.

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