The best environment for business and also residence.

The most popular area of IT companies, the city economic development of commercial education.

Changning district, Zhongshan Park area, is can be used interchangeably the line 2 subway and line 3,4 railway. Yanan road and Changning road across from east to west at central Shanghai, also Kaixuan road, Zhongshan road, and Dingxi road extending north and south. such as the critical passage covers shanghai city. This area is district transportation center in shanghai, can be used as taxis and public buses more than 30 destinations. Such as commercial business, residential, educational, administrative, and entertainment, It is the core of economic activity.

Around the center, within walking distance of all facilities.

Zhongshan Park area, is said most higher distinct area at living infrastructure in Shanghai. Zhongshan Park, the four universities within three miles, the plane tree-lined square, Multimedia Life Plaza, Carrefour, such as large shopping malls is lining the street. Also, focusing on this business center, Zhongshan Park, Industrial and Commercial Republic, Public Safety, main banks, hospitals, post offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping, convenience store, gym and travel agencies, all necessary facilities for both business and life within walking distance. Very good location and one of the most environment in Shanghai.

To Pudong International Airport, also Hongqiao Airport, Good location and access to suitable business location.

Zhongshan Park Business Center is 0 min from Shanghai Zhongshan Park Station. To Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao Airport, only one subway, you can go without a transfer. More than ever, a direct junction features airport bus and taxi or city bus and. Because tied at two airports, Zhongshan Park area will become a larger presence Hub. Please feel good location and good access to suitable business location.

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