New-Elete Consulting attaches great importance to transparency,
and The one-stop support.

Because I are nearby., It is possible to be relieved, advance forward, spread more.

Zhongshan Park Business Center, New-Elete Consulting link as part of the incubator offices in Shanghai, China. Since its inception, the policy to not outsourced, face to face with our customers sincerely, office establishment, incorporation, has helped to expand business. Now, You do not understand what to do. Because the concept is too different, not satisfied, they leave it to such consultation, definitely not do better. New-Elete Consulting, while explaining the differences in business practices in China and other countries, and consulting focus on transparency. As a business partner in china, Consider the expansion, Research, from start-up office to expand business, We will fully manage and support all the procedures, and wholeheartedly back up your business in china.

From the office start-up, To the business expansion

Preparing into overseas markets, and gather markets information.

First, determine the advanced form into the chinese markets on based reports and inspection of china. Market research, seminars and site visits, please realize the difference between market and Chinese markets in your countries.

Making inroads into chinese markets, and start-up office.

Next, establish offices in Shanghai, China. Advanced forms, Business, local representatives decided to start up.determine the base office. We agency handles various procedures for your business planning.

Start Business (Licensing)

One-stop sipport, is support to acquire business license required procedures related to various legal and tax accounting. As you can concentrate on business expansion, we will handle the daily and monthly procedures.

develop the business, sales promotion.

Watching chinese markets and trends, We full support for your business expansion and promotions, and give you the appropriate advice. In addition, relevant agencies and partners to introduce.

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